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Convert RMVB to SWF Direction - How to Convert RMVB to SWF

Xlinksoft SWF Video Converter contains a part of the powerful function of Xlinksoft Video Converter Platinum, which is an excellent all-in-one total video converter. But for RMVB to SWF conversion, either tool is perfect.
The following RMVB to SWF direction will give a detailed illustration on how to convert RMVB to SWF with Xlinksoft SWF Video Converter, with which it will take just a few clicks to finish the RMVB to SWF conversion.

How to Convert RMVB to SWF (See Demo Below)

Convert RMVB to SWF - Xlinksoft SWF Video Converter Stands Out!

Xlinksoft SWF Video Converter is an excellent RMVB to SWF converter which can convert RMVB to SWF in fast speed and high quality. RMVB to SWF conversion can be easily completed with this professional RMVB to SWF converter.
Xlinksoft SWF Video Converter enables you to convert almost all video formats to SWF. Prominent editing and preview functions are available.

Convert RMVB to SWF - Excellent Editing Function

convert rmvb to swf

Trim: if you don't like the whole video, just clip your favorite segment to convert.
Crop: adjust the video screen as you like.
Padding:some videos have irregular aspect ratio, so in order to present the whole videos perfectly on your portable devices; you can use black color to fill in the margin (automatically by the converter or operate by yourself) or stretch aspect ratio of video pane.
Volume: increase the volume; sometimes you adjust the computer volume to maximum, but it's still hard to hear the sound clearly. With this video to SWF converter, you can increase the outgoing volume of the media file easily.

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