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Open Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software.

Four ways of adding files:

add file

1. The most routine way: Click "Add File", appears "Please Select Files" window, then select the file one by one, or select several files by pressing Ctrl/Shift, the files will be added in the main window after click "Open".

2. If you want to encrypt many pictures, please choose this way: Click "File" in the menu field, Select "Add Folder" if the pictures are in a folder, the files will appear in the main window, and no need to select the files one by one. Select "Add File" to pop-up "Please Select Files" window, and then select the files. The remainder is the same as way 1.

3. The most convenient way: Put the Mouse in the blank of Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software, double click your Mouse, the "Please Select Files" window will appear. The remainder is the same as way 1.

4. The most simple way: Drag the picture directly to the Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software.