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After add the encrypted files in the list, click Decrypt, appears the following Decryption Option Window.

picture encryption decrypt window

1: Set the output path: select the output path in 2 field; set the output path by yourself, you can build a new folder here. For example, if you want to put the encrypted pictures in E disk, click "E" in 2 field, and build a new name in 1 field. Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software has memorial function: the program will record your operations automatically. When open this program the output path will show the forward settings. For example, select "photo" in E disk as output path this time, when open the program next time, "E:\photo" will show in 1 field, just select the path is ok.

2: Select the folder which you want to put files in. Select the folders here, and add the folder name you want to build in 1 field.

3: Display the password you added as * or letters. Add several passwords in this field, the software can decrypt the encrypted pictures with different passwords. Click here for the details of setting password. Add several passwords to decrypt the pictures with different passwords. Then preview the decrypt pictures in preview window.

4: Fill in your password. Click "Add", the password you entered will appears in 3 field. If add the wrong password, select this password in 3 field, and click "Delete", the wrong password will be deleted. "Clear" means clear all the passwords showing in 3 field.

5: "Rename the file already exist" means rename the pictures that you have encrypted before. "Cover the file already exist" means the new encrypted pictures will cover the pictures that you have encrypted before and the password will be changed at the same time. Skip the file that

6: What will you do after finishing conversion: Do Nothing, Close Software, or Close Computer?
Click "ok" if you finished all the operations. All the operations will be canceled if you click "Cancel"


Add several encrypted files in to this "Decryption" dialog: Select several files by pressing Ctrl/Shift, then drag those files to this dialog directly to decrypt pictures. You cannot see these files in this dialog, but Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software decrypts all the added files automatically.