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Humanized Design Features:

* The most powerful picture encryption software to protect your privacy. After encrypting, no one can decrypt unless he/she has password. Even if others copy your files, they cannot decrypt yet.

* Easy using even just one key, you can accomplish your job.

* Set the background color of interface by yourself. You can edit any color you like.

* Record and save your setting automatically, that is, if you changed the size of the picture window, the window size will be the same when you open it next time.

Get Help for Your Frequent Questions:

picture encryption

* Click "Add File" selects the files, or select several files by pressing Ctrl or Shift.

* Drag the files directly in order to save time.

* Add the folder directly and no need to select the image individually.

* Click "Add File" selects the files, or select several files by pressing Ctrl or Shift.

* Add the files first, then encrypt.

* Edit the Output Path, here you can select the path from the left column, or you can set a new path by yourself. Then click "OK".

* Coverage Mode: Overwrite an Existing File means the afterwards encryption will replace the forwards encryption and the password will change at the same time. Skip Files That Already Exist means if the file has been encrypted then the afterwards encryption will be skipped automatically and the password will not be changed.

* Add the encrypted files first, then decrypt.

* The Output Path field and the Coverage Mode field are same as Encrypt which have been explained above.

* The Decryption Password List field, you can write the decryption password then click "Add". Also you can "Delete" or "Clear" your password. Double click the encrypted files, you will find a "password list" add your password and then click "Ok".

* The Decrypted files with the same password can be seen in a preview window, and click "page up" or "page down" in your keyboard to watch the pictures freely. Customize the window size by dragging the window. "Auto Size" means the pictures will match the window size. You can click "Spacebar" on your keyboard to realize the function when previewing pictures.

* Offer multiple languages, select language in "Language Setting" field.

* Set the Background Color of Interface by yourself, and the color you set will be recorded and saved automatically. When you open this software next time, the background color will be changed.

* If you are afraid of forgetting password, set the "Mode of Password Display" field.

* You can delete the original files and open the output folder after finishing encryption in "Operation Setting" field. Then click "OK".

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