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Rich output mode

Compared to other similar products, Xlinksoft Web Video Creator is more powerful, because it supports seven output modes: FLV + Player + List, FLV + Player, MP3 + Player + List, MP3 + Player, Single SWF, SWF + Player + List, and SWF + Player. Each one is excellent.

Player color is fully customizable

Color of the player is adjustable including background color, foreground color and the color of buttons when they were activated. And the setting effect is visible. Furthermore, there is no flicker when adjusting the player color.

The window size is the output video size, and the player size will automatic fit it. If you select the option of "Embed Player in the Video", then the player will float on the bottom of the video.

The options with * are valid under the list mode.

You can select the position of list and set suitable list size.

When you select auto-scroll, put mouse on the list and it will be scroll upwards or downwards automatically without clicking.

A series of settings can be saved as a new scheme. If the settings are not satisfactory, just restore them by one click and reset.

You can choose whether to display the audio map and volume control.

The logo which you selected will display at the top right corner of the video.

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