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This web video creator enables you to export all the files to one catalog or export them to different catalogs by their types. The output catalogs including html, video, image, player, xml, and JS files. It is really convenient for you to manage the files.

Output Mode

Simple mode: put all the files into one catalog.
Program mode: the created files will be exported to different catalogs by their types. Six catalogs are available: webpage, video, image, player, xml, and js. You can dominant the catalog separately. If you want to put one type of files into the root directory, just leave the relative catalog empty. Files will be output to the root directory if you don't name all the catalogs, even if you select the program mode.
The options with * are valid under the program mode.

HTML Template

The default template has the basic web structure and two labels: <!--SWF_TITLE--> and <!--SWF_OBJECT-->.
<!--SWF_TITLE--> is the output video title. Where you embed the label, where the video title will be display. It is not necessary to embed the label if you don't need the video title.
<!--SWF_OBJECT--> is the place of your video. You can embed this label to the right place where you want the video be.
<!--SWF_TITLE--> is not necessarily, but <!--SWF_OBJECT--> is required.
The label will be replaced automatically with your own file, what you need to do is just embed the labels to the right place. You need first embed the right label to the exact place of your webpage if you select your own page template.

Output Path

Choose the output path for your files. This is the root directory of all your files. The path will be recorded in the drop-down menu.

Name Rules

In this field you can choose the display type of your file name: album – title, title, GUID, and name by date. An index.html file will be created if the option of "Create Separate Folder for Each Task" is selected. If the option is not selected, the output .html file will be named as what you set.

You can select what to do after publishing: default state is do nothing. Other options are: close the software, turn off computer and restart computer.

You can select whether to view the log or not.

After Publishing

The folder which you store the files will pop up after publishing video successfully. Six types of files will be created under the list mode, they are .html, .xml, .js, player, video and one image which is one frame of the video. Five types of files are created if you don't select list mode, .xml file is not provided.

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