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Tutorial: How to Publish Video on Website Step by Step

Step 1. Download Xlinksoft Web Video Creator to install and launch it

Step 2. Import video

Click "Add" to load the video files you want to put on your webpage.

You can edit your video files by clicking "General", "Video" and "Audio" separately. Within "General", you can put in "Album" and "Title" of the video file you choose, which have close relationship with your "Naming Rules". If you want your video linked to another webpage, just put your URL behind "Link to". With "Video" and "Audio", you can choose video and audio settings from the "Preset Program" or create your own preset program by resetting the parameters. Detail Information...

Step 3. Customize player

Choose the player mode from the "Preset Program". You can also create new preset program by defining the following settings. Click "Output Mode" drop-down button to select your output player mode. Choose the color and style of your player from the "Player Template". If you like, you can define the background color, foreground color and active state color of the player all by yourself. You can also specify other settings concerning player, playlist, play mode, logo, etc. For more detailed guidance, you can check the help file. Click here for more.

Step 4. Publish

Choose from the "Preset Program" the webpage output mode. You can also create and save your own preset program by resetting html template, generated files output path and output mode, generated files naming rules, etc.

Click "Publish" to start the conversion and publication. It will take a few minutes. You can choose from the drop-down button the operation after the publication is finished. If you choose "Do Nothing", after the publication, a prompt will pop up. Click "Yes" if you want to check the log file. Then the created webpage and output folder of generated files will pop up for your checking. Detail Information...

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